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Velvet Grommet Panel Heaven

Friday I gave you a small preview of our new west elm curtain rods-in the box. I was beyond excited to see them arrive.   A double rod with one oversized and one thin rod with large cylindrical finials, perfect for grommet curtains and underlaying of sheers. Gorgeous, luxe, and modern.   Because we received the… Continue reading Velvet Grommet Panel Heaven

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Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

This is a thing of beauty….


After three weeks of waiting and hoping that it would come, our double rod, satin nickel finish curtain rod from west elm is here!   I think the UPS driver might have caught me doing a huge happy dance in  my kitchen.

As it turns out, an email to the President of west elm after your product gets lost from the delivery company,  is very effective at getting a replacement overnighted to you, the full amount of the curtain rod reimbursed, along with a $100 gift card for our troubles.  Thank you husband!  

(PS…you’ll find that C and I tend to be assholes when it comes to customer service problems- a future guest blog post about consumer advocacy might be on its way).




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Six Degrees of Separation in Food…

Roasted chicken and vegetables became Chicken Noodle Soup became Leftover chicken noodle soup and homemade white bread became French toast for brunch Ok, well maybe that’s only four degrees of separation.  Last week we cooked at home a bunch and I feel like I had an epiphany.  One that said I can turn leftovers from a previous… Continue reading Six Degrees of Separation in Food…

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Entry Mail Center

The sight of this creates quite a bit of anxiety for me… Because our nonexistent office is upstairs we usually end up dumping the mail on the kitchen counter or the dining room table, which has led to missing bills on multiple occasions.  We desperately needed some organization in regards to incoming mail. I remember… Continue reading Entry Mail Center

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SN-OMG 2012

…Around the Greater Seattle area snow generally means nobody goes anywhere if they don’t have to, the news makes an two inches sound like a state of emergency, and there’s almost always footage of a metro bus sliding sideways down a hill. With the impending 10″ of snow that we’re supposed to get tonight, it’s… Continue reading SN-OMG 2012


Needs and WANTS for 2012…and beyond

I often hear C asking me, “Now, is this a need or a WANT?”  Most of them are wants that I explain to him as being desperate NEEDS.   However, I have things I’ve wanted to complete with our condo since we moved in two and a half years ago. So far we’ve painted the kitchen,… Continue reading Needs and WANTS for 2012…and beyond