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Good Morning Coffee! Good Morning Diet Coke!

Good Morning Beverage Bar shining on the birds and the butterflies!

Who here, needs their coffee in the morning? A Diet Coke?  I thought so.  Whether you have kids, a stressful job, or just love the warmth that a hot beverage provides during the first few moments of a morning, a coffee bar is a great thing to have set up in your kitchen.

Our kitchen is lovely, but doesn’t have a ton of counter space. A few years ago, when the two of us really started drinking coffee every morning, we bought a Keurig at Costco.  We don’t have to brew an entire pot of coffee so it works really well for us.  Unfortunately, it has been moved to a few different spots over the years.  It didn’t really like sharing it’s space with the Boon drying racks,  so then I moved it to the top of our bookshelf.  Not exactly a smart idea considering it was hanging off the edge. It was my attempt at using what we had to make a coffee bar.    The bookshelf was becoming my catch all for cookbooks, formal silverware, bibs, mail, and our heavy pans.   I’ve started to learn that sometimes spending some dollars to create what you really want is worth it.

before coffee bar

Here’s my PINspiration for home coffee bars:

Pinterest Coffee Bars
Favorite Coffee Bar Pin
My main goals were to:

-find a sturdy place for the Keurig and all it’s accessories- sweeteners, coffee pods, spoons, cups,

-An extra place to put items for tea,

-Drawers for pens, shopping lists, and other small items,

-Shelf for some cookbooks and heavy pans,

-and for O’s bibs and wipes since his high chair is right next to the bar. 

Here’s what we ended up with:

IKEA Forhoja kitchen cart- unfinished wood cart with two sliding drawers and two wheels

IKEA Stenstorp wall shelf with hooks for coffee cups

IKEA Bygel rail and wire basket

IKEA Fintorp caddy for holding K-Cups

IKEA Barbar Tray

IKEA Rajtan  Spice jars for holding loose leaf tea and sweeteners

Since the coffee bar inception Chris got a SodaStream.  He uses it every day to make flavored sparkling waters (and if you follow me on facebook you’ll know I used it to make club soda to get a red wine stain our of our carpet).  Now, I should really call the coffee bar a beverage bar.

Everything in its place

coffee bar final (6)

coffee bar final (5)A sturdy kitchen cart to hold our Keurig, SodaStream, and all the accessories

coffee bar finalA tray complete with Cafe Cup pods, spoons, ground coffee, loose leaf tea tins, and SodaStream mixes.  The Cafe Cup pods are really nice because we can use ground coffee in the Keurig easier than the filter it comes with.  This make it cheaper than buying K-Cups.  They can be found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Amazon.  I used an upcycled Bonne Maman jar wrapped with a little baker’s twine to hold our stirring spoons. For now we use rubbermaid containers to hold our ground coffee, but I’d love to find something glass that is decorative but easy to open.  


coffee bar jarsA place to hang cups, tea scoop, jars of tea and sweeteners, extra K-Cups, and tea towels. The hooks for the coffee cups allow quick access to your sweet nectar vessel and frees up some space in the cupboard.  I love the little glass spice jars to hold our sweeteners. Keeps them organized.  I use the jars for our loose leaf tea, keeping it air tight and fresh. 


coffee bar (7)This shelf makes me smile.  I finally have a place to displace my pretty water pitchers, and tea pots.  You may recognize the print from O’s room. I relocated it here because looking at it gives me a happy jumpstart to my day.  “Today Is the Day” print by TheBigHarupmh on Etsy. 


coffee bar lowerAn open spot for a selection of cookbooks, bibs and wipes, and extra whole bean coffee.  The bottom shelf has our cast iron heavy pans

Just like a morning cup o’ joe this new coffee bar makes me say “Aaaahhhh!”.  I’d love to see your kitchen bar ideas.  Share them in the comments below!



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