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Refreshed Coffee Bar!

We’ve had our coffee bar for almost four years now. Feels like forever. It has made its way through three different homes and continues to be the mainstay of our mornings!  Turns out you don’t need coffee any less when your child is a baby versus a preschooler.   In fact, I probably need it… Continue reading Refreshed Coffee Bar!

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Inspired Patio-our second townhome patio

Here I sit, on an early March day, with my afternoon coffee (and maybe a couple of chocolate chip cookies but don’t tell my Xtend Barre challengers that), on my newly decked out patio. It’s partly cloudy but 66 degrees; just about perfect.  As many of you know we moved into a townhouse last October, our… Continue reading Inspired Patio-our second townhome patio

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I can make a designer handbag, right?

As long as I’ve worked I’ve always wanted to buy a designer handbag for myself.   I could’ve pulled the trigger many times with holiday bonuses or Nordstrom gift cards but, for some reason, never have.  Most likely it’s Chris’ frugality wearing off on me. Since we’ve been together I’ve become increasingly frugal. My how things change.… Continue reading I can make a designer handbag, right?

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From formula container to glam vase! A Mommy craft day…

When Oscar was using formula we’d go through a canister a week.  We bought ours from Costco so they were a large round container.  I kept thinking it was such a waste to just toss them in the recycle bin.  I sifted through some Pins and found that a few others had the same idea.… Continue reading From formula container to glam vase! A Mommy craft day…

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Good Morning Coffee! Good Morning Diet Coke!

Good Morning Beverage Bar shining on the birds and the butterflies! Who here, needs their coffee in the morning? A Diet Coke?  I thought so.  Whether you have kids, a stressful job, or just love the warmth that a hot beverage provides during the first few moments of a morning, a coffee bar is a great… Continue reading Good Morning Coffee! Good Morning Diet Coke!

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My Itsy-Bitsy Spider!

Normally, we do absolutely nothing for Halloween.  Strike that. We get zero trick-or-treaters, but we buy candy anyway.  We buy pumpkins and don’t carve them. This year, things are a “little” different.  We have a kid.  Which means all holidays are to be celebrated.  This year for Halloween we thought we might dress up Oscar… Continue reading My Itsy-Bitsy Spider!

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Baby T’s Nursery Reveal

Just over 2 weeks to go and the final touches are being put on the nursery… Wow, I started this post back in January and I never quite finished it.  I posted on a link on Inspired Domesticity’s Facebook to the Project Nursery post I did (see the Project Nursery post here), but have been… Continue reading Baby T’s Nursery Reveal